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» Services – international and domestic truck transport

» International and domestic transport

The company Eurotrans-Lux concentrates on the area of Western Europe, mainly on export and import between the Czech Republic - Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, domestic transport.

The transported goods of customers are insured at 5 mil. CZK pursuant to the responsibility of a forwarding agent, according to the CMR regulations. If requested, the forwarder, Eurotrans Lux company, may arrange additional insurance against all possible risks during transport.

The transport price will be dicussed with you according to particular transport specifications. Usually the price is contracted and it depends on the size of the load (weight, volume), required delivery date (express or standard delivery time), distance to the destination etc.

» ADR transport

International and domestic transport of dangerous goods is regulated by European Agreement on International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods, the so-called ADR Agreement (Accord Dangereuses Route).

Dangerous goods are substances and objects whose character, features or condition may endanger security of persons, animals and things or the environment. These objects may place different threats, e.g. explosibility, flammability, support of combustion, self-ignition, toxicity, infection, radio-activity, causticity, they may cause cancer or other threats to the environment etc.

You can order the transport of dangerous goods of the following classes:

Class 2
Class 3
Class 4.1      
Class 4.2
Class 4.3
Class 5.1
Class 5.2
Class 6.1
Class 6.2
Class 8
Class 9
Flammable liquids
Flammable solid substances
Self-igniting substances
Substances that develop flammable gases when they get into contact with water
Substances supporting combustion
Organic peroxides
Toxic substances
Infectious substances
Caustic substances
Other dangerous substances and objects

Eurotrans-Lux company uses a certified safety advisor for this type of transport services. His role is to prevent risks arising from this activity. Drivers and transport operators have taken courses and tests on special requirements.

» Forwarding

Forwarding is carried out through proven and reliable transporters. We undertake to procure and carry out transport on our behalf and at our costs. In face of a client we act as a transporter to whom the accepted obligation is transfered. We are fully responsible to the order party for carrying out the obligation, i.e. forwarding goods to the destination and also for the damage incurred during transport or theft.

We arrange forwarding:
- domestic and international
- ADR transport
- full-load or general cargo

» Documents Eurotrans-Lux:

Road transport Josef Lux - EUROTRANS